[#] Moving the site
12:33am UTC - 7/12/2010

Important notice!

So it looks like Comcast has finally started actually enforcing their bandwidth caps, which are presently 250GB per month; I've used 450-475GB for the last three, and it looks like at least 300+ of that has been from the site. While I'd normally be kinda proud about that, they've threatened to terminate my service if I don't cut it out...

Over the next couple days, I'm going to be transferring sup/tg/ to the Xen server. This does have a couple benefits, such as being able to throttle bandwidth limits (to prevent scraping) and provide a faster site experience in general. The downside, of course, is that this is going to take me a lot of time and effort to move everything and get it running the way it was before.

To help make this easier on myself, I'm also going to be doing a vicious purge of the archives, since there's just a lot of shit I've left there and figured "eh, why not?" Now I need to transfer 40GB of excrement flecked with nuggets of gold over to the new location, so it's time I started mucking out the stables a bit.

It's going to be pretty bumpy, but I don't foresee any major issues, other than the usual weird complaints about culling and a few things that ran in a Windows environment that I'll need to reconfigure under Debian (like the PDF creator for the Dark Heresy chargen). Who knows, maybe all this newness will help kick me into actually completing any of those projects I've been putting off, like updating the DH chargen or creating an EP chargen.

The current list of graveyarded threads is here, though you won't be able to view them yet. As I said, this is a very strict culling, so I may kill an item that deserves saving (particularly pieces of quest threads that may or may not need to be kept for completion purposes). Point out anything I miss in the comments here or in the IRC.

As noted, many parts of the site won't function until this is done, and a few pieces are going away entirely (the art archives for example). Don't bother reporting things unless they're still screwed up a week from now.

Addendum: I've put people to work slaving in the horrormines to start culling shit. Be prepared for lengthy lists. I've also moved Maid Quest and Frost Giantess Quest under the Collections section (which may not show up until I'm done moving shit around).

~Lord Licorice


1 Lord Licorice
12:33am UTC - 7/12/2010 [X]
This is a test comment.

12:37am UTC - 7/12/2010 [X]
Why not get dedicated hosting?

3 Lord Licorice
01:08am UTC - 7/12/2010 [X]
The Xen server *is* dedicated hosting, and while I could actually start paying out of pocket to a different hosting company, most of them have very strict rules about content. They'd either shut me off at the first opportunity (and keep my money) or they'd force me to moderate uploaded content, which would mean personally reviewing each and every submitted thread, which I'd rather not do (for time/sanity as well as not wanting to be an arbiter of taste).

4 apocalypseArisen
01:09am UTC - 7/12/2010 [X]
g00d luck with the moving

5 Daeren
02:22am UTC - 7/12/2010 [X]
Thank fuck, the archives have needed to get pruned.

6 Arocalex
07:56am UTC - 7/12/2010 [X]

7 Nuke Dukem
09:13am UTC - 7/12/2010 [X]
You're deleting Dorf quest LXIII? Could you maybe, not delete that one? It's sorta a classic.

8 Grail
09:22am UTC - 7/12/2010 [X]
You might want to keep the two installments of Bard Quest you have in there, the quest just restarted after a couple months of idleness and it's not as bad as the votes would have you believe. Also, I think the particular Dwarf Quest LXIII he's deleting is another thread someone archived under that name. It doesn't match the actual thread from the collection in terms of vote count or the thread description.

9 Sir_Tank
09:27am UTC - 7/12/2010 [X]
Is it possible to upload the art archives in its entirety somewhere? It had tons of awesome art work, and I never had actually bothered to download it all.

10 biff
10:32am UTC - 7/12/2010 [X]
Seconding the Bard Quest save.

Also, I must now find a good way to use IE to save archived threads, because most of the drawthreads on the chop block aren't particularly worth saving to /suptg/ (i.e. I kinda wish you would save them, but I can understand if you would rather not), but they aren't worth not saving to my hard drive.

11 biff
03:03pm UTC - 7/12/2010 [X]
Oh, and graveyard threads stick around at least a week after being visable as them right?

03:37pm UTC - 7/12/2010 [X]
"Joandventure, Part Deuce-Sex" should stay for posterity, despite the epically bad votes. Was the last proper thread of an intensely loved/hated quest from the early days of questing.

You could delete the two threads that followed though .
They were mostly spamming and marked the end of the quest on /tg/.

I guess you could put the whole thing in a thread collection if it's not to much of a bother.

13 Lord Licorice
11:05pm UTC - 7/12/2010 [X]
@Nuke @Grail @biff @12 I'll save the threads, I just killed everything below -5 just to see what would happen (~3.75GB worth of shit in a single go). Yes, the graveyarded threads stick around for a bit (mostly so I can restore them). As for drawthreads, I think I'm going to ban those alongside image dumps from now on; a much better place for that material is 1d4chan, where you can actually organize the content by type and artist, as opposed to spattered throughout troll-filled flamethreads.

14 biff
11:26pm UTC - 7/12/2010 [X]
I guess I gennerally use suptg's archive to make sure I get everything on a drawthread from any computer (I don't have a personal computer that I can download any program onto), without staying up until the thread dies, so if you will really want to delete them, could you consider cleaning the archives of drawthread out on a monthly basis (say on the ~10-15 of a month, delete all drawthreads of the last month), so that there is plenty time to make sure stuff is saved and sorted on 1d4chan or whatever.

and most threads tend to have the troll-filled flames IMO, and the 10& rule of saved stuff is still true.

15 Lord Licorice
12:53am UTC - 7/13/2010 [X]
@biff Yeah, if I can actually keep myself on task, that's what I'd planned to do at the start. Basically, outside of the posted rules, I wanted to clean out boring/shit/troll threads on a monthly basis; however, I kept putting it off and the problem soon became simply insurmountable, not to mention the sheer volume of threads that get archived on a monthly basis.

After the purging and migration I'm going to add 'no drawfag threads' to the rules. Will this stop people from archiving it? No. Will this make it easy for me to remove them on a monthly basis, giving people time to collect the images before it's deleted? Yes.

16 dudeman
01:39am UTC - 7/13/2010 [X]
Since we'd be short one of the Dorf Quests, would it be possible to transfer all the threads over to tgchan, or at least keep a complete copy? And for that matter, any idea how to go about this?

17 Lord Licorice
02:08am UTC - 7/13/2010 [X]
@dudeman I'm keeping it, I just haven't gotten around to putting it back.

18 biff
04:22am UTC - 7/13/2010 [X]
is there any way that you can have the tags to go with the culled thread?

11:37am UTC - 7/13/2010 [X]
The "avatarfaggotry" thread ( and the "moar avatarfagging" thread
( are both installments of Maid Quest that someone mis-archived. Could you add them to the collection and, if possible, rename, retag, and redescribe them?

20 Grail
11:58am UTC - 7/13/2010 [X]
I think I was misunderstood, I meant the thread that you were going to delete that was titled Dorf quest LXIII isn't the actual Dorf quest LXIII. It appears to be a different thread some troll titled incorrectly in order to get it kept on the archives. I would suggest taking a look at the actual thread itself to be certain. As far as I'm aware though that installment of the quest doesn't have a negative vote count or has a description of "vbn" and the two don't match.

21 Grail
12:03pm UTC - 7/13/2010 [X]
To clarify, the thread he wanted to deleted was the top thread. The actual thread would be one on the bottom. So yeah, keep the one on the bottom (the one that's listed in the collection) and purge the one on the top with extreme violence.

Dorf Quest LXIII (-18 after 24 votes): vbn

Dorf Quest LXIII (+14 after 16 votes): Godhood acquired...

22 Declined Salesman
02:12pm UTC - 7/13/2010 [X]
Delete fucking everything.
Keep the baww threads tho, I need those sometimes when I have to feel human again after a long time hating the world.

23 Lord Licorice
08:00pm UTC - 7/13/2010 [X]
@Grail: I'll try to remember to fix them.

24 Fatum
08:07pm UTC - 7/13/2010 [X]
Before anyone gets any ideas - 1d4chan is not a fucking tripfag who-is-who directory. So we're not having drawfag galleries there, unless you dispense the drawfaggotry over relevant articles, of course. I believe Wikifag is pretty strict about this one, since all it leads to is DRAMA.


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