[#] Site's Back Yaaay
02:01am UTC - 3/02/2010
As you can guess from seeing this message, we have power back. The server's up and running again, and it looks like someone's already archived a (likely terrible) thread. So, back to normal! Hooray!

Edity: Thanks everyone for sending me copies of threads to archive; I'll add them in when I get the chance (and also remember).

~Lord Licorice



03:10am UTC - 3/02/2010 [X]
I never realized how symbiotic /tg/ and sup/tg/ are until this recent lack of sup/tg/. It really put a crimp in a lot of people's style. Glad to see you're back up.

09:26pm UTC - 3/21/2010 [X]
Hey, when you get around to adding those threads from the power outage, the recent thread "Goblin Village" had the wrong thread number (it's a manga dump IIRC), and just now two people archived the second thread of Settler Quest at the same time. If you could get rid of those when you're fixing things, thanks.


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