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09:28am UTC - 2/06/2010

Okay, well, apparently I missed a bunch of thumbnails between December 29 and January 10, because nearly 160 threads were full of 4chan leech images for no readily apparent reason. I manually fixed the lot of them (well, using a script, but still had to do it one-by-one to double-check myself). If you notice anything clearly broken, please let me know so I don't spend a couple hours fixing shit.

~Lord Licorice



1 Gnome
10:00pm UTC - 2/19/2010 [X]
Yay! You made the Dorf Quest collection page! Thank you for that. However, two things: This thread isn't a Dorf Quest thread; it was mis-archived or something. Its a Grandpa Dreadnought thread. This thread is an anniversary continuation.

Thanks for being awesome, Lord Licorice.

02:43am UTC - 2/25/2010 [X]
Is there still a plan to move quest (and possibly draw) threads to their own section?


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