10:19am UTC - 1/03/2010

Heeey I'm finally going to start cleaning out the archive! Happy day! It's only been... most of a year!

As a result of the really... really long while it's been since I've purged the unwanted content from the archives, I'm going to try to delete as much shit as possible as quickly as possible. This means no more funny comments, unfortunately (except for really egregious threads), and I'm going to cull pretty much everything in the red.

I made myself some new tools to make it easier to cull shit, so hopefully I'll get rid of more, faster, and more accurately (e.g. easily removing all threads tagged "troll"). As usual, I'll put everything deleted into a graveyard first to allow people to save copies of anything they think deserves saving.

And now, the current list:

Before culling: 4,472 threads, 20.8GB

After culling: 4,207 threads as of 1/11/10

~Lord Licorice



02:13am UTC - 1/04/2010 [X]
A good start, sir.

2 Aeros
09:27pm UTC - 1/04/2010 [X]
20 gigs of threads jesus christ LL.

3 PosthumousDeity
08:59pm UTC - 1/05/2010 [X]

That's the size of all the images I've collected off of a majority of 4chan's boards for 4 years!

4 Emo_Duck
06:37pm UTC - 1/07/2010 [X]
I was idly pondering whether you were going to cull the saved Dark Heresy character collection too, what with some 30+ pages of entries. I know there are at least a few of mine in there that I forgot to save the URL of when I made them.

5 SomeRandomGuy
10:12am UTC - 1/08/2010 [X]
Would there be any way to combine every recent Drawfriend thread, culling anything that wasn't drawn for /tg/? That way there'd be one thread for everything, in case anyone is searching for something from a thread. A quick find search could net the picture one is looking for rather easily without needed to run said search through 15 different threads.

6 dinosapien
06:09am UTC - 1/09/2010 [X]
I feel dirty for starting that 1st shitstorm listed.
How do I make penance for such a deed?

07:32am UTC - 1/09/2010 [X]
You might want to consider getting rid of 5024439 as well, what with it's score of negative 74 and being worthless and all. It was put in thread collections because of mistagging, which I would assume is why you missed it.

Also, what does scrape as in "Please DO NOT SCRAPE THE ARCHIVES" mean?

8 Lord Licorice
01:00pm UTC - 1/11/2010 [X]
@Emo_Duck: I could probably kill a year's worth or so, but it doesn't really affect anything having them other than no semblance of organization. I'd hate to delete a character sheet someone was using, but in all fairness why the hell has their character not been altered in over a year?

@SomeRandomGuy: If someone grabs links and puts them into a .rar or .zip for me, I'll just put them in the images section. If I find a particularly good thread while I'm killing things I might do it myself, but it's unlikely at this point due to sheer volume.

@dinosapien: Give me candy

@7: I've been meaning to kill that one forever, and just never got around to it. It's gone now.

"Scraping" means to use a script to automatically download entire copies of the archive - every single images in every single thread, ever. As you can imagine, this is rather worthless and a gigantic waste of time and bandwidth for everyone involved. I can understand someone grabbing a copy of a single thread, which is fine, but I've had to block IPs that were clearly downloading full images from the archive thread-by-thread.

9 ArocalexTheMightyManFromThatPlaceNoOneKnowsExistsOrWhateverIDontEvenCare
01:58pm UTC - 1/11/2010 [X]
To hunt: Porn, fap, fapfic, fanfic, touhou

40k threads that are mostly shit and wangwaving

10 Blargh
10:54pm UTC - 1/11/2010 [X]
To slay: Threads rated -5 or lower. There are SO MANY of them.

11 Shamed
01:52am UTC - 1/12/2010 [X]
Oh wow. I didn't even realize a thread I made was archived, and for it to get -10/10 votes makes me really glad to find out about it when it's about to get deleted.

To hell it goes!

12 monotreeme
08:07am UTC - 1/12/2010 [X]
it saddens me to see the roll and tell threads are slated for removal but I suspect there are people who would be more than happy at the same

how long will this graveyard remain?

addressed to followers of those threads
I have saved everything worry not

13 Lord Licorice
09:38pm UTC - 1/12/2010 [X]
@monotreeme: If the content of those threads is really worthwhile, pull out the best stories and put them on 1d4chan somewhere. The impression I got from them is just SO RONERY/SO FAPFIC but I'm sure there are a few gems that should be preserved.

14 monotreeme
10:21pm UTC - 1/12/2010 [X]
thank you for your prompt reply

oh, I have saved all of them(total file size 7.27MB), regardless of some of the less good work. I am saddened because I liked those threads and I count every one(that I start) that makes it here through someone else as a compliment. I'll deny that I ever fapped to any of them, but this is the internet so you don't have to believe me.

there will be more of them though.
have a nice day

15 anonymous
02:16am UTC - 1/13/2010 [X]

So many awesome threads being thrown into the fires. Please don't do this, Lord Licorice! What's the point of running an archive if you're going to delete the awesome stuff?

16 monotreeme
02:49am UTC - 1/13/2010 [X]
@ anonymous

he's deleting them democratically, more people disliked these threads than liked them. it seems best not to complain.

at least you can save what you want now.

17 anonymous
02:57am UTC - 1/13/2010 [X]
But the epic fail threads are just as awesome to read as the epic win threads! Why should they be deleted?

18 Anonymous
03:45am UTC - 1/13/2010 [X]
Besides, there's too many threads to save!

19 Everything man
05:02am UTC - 1/13/2010 [X]
They had a good run, and I'm pretty sure most people save the shit worth saving. The Jim stories have been up on 1d4chan since they started.

05:23am UTC - 1/13/2010 [X]
Why did you delete all the troll threads? One of the best things about /tg/ is that it takes troll threads and makes them good!

21 Blargh
05:27am UTC - 1/13/2010 [X]
@ anonymous:

"But the epic fail threads are just as awesome to read as the epic win threads! Why should they be deleted?"

Myself and most people I've talked to think differently, finding them to be both a total waste of time to read and an annoyance to slog through when looking for good threads. Most of the so-called "epic fail" was just fail; if you need an epic fail thread of that nature, there will be at least one up on /tg/ at pretty much every moment of the day. The epic fail threads that were truly epic and/or really fun to read got positive votes.

22 monotreeme
05:30am UTC - 1/13/2010 [X]
@Everything man
>they had a good run
you make it sound like I'm done with them.

I shall see you in February, unless someone starts another this month.

05:31am UTC - 1/13/2010 [X]
"Why did you delete all the troll threads? One of the best things about /tg/ is that it takes troll threads and makes them good!"

You did read the list of things not to archive, right?

Besides /tg/ is too easily trolled these days and usually just rages hard instead of turning the troll thread around. Short of the epic Kender players suck thread there hasn't been a good reversed troll thread in a while.

24 Lord Licorice
07:28am UTC - 1/13/2010 [X]
Like Blargh said, an epic fail thread worth saving would have looped around from terrible to awesome and garnered positive votes; the threads being deleted were just shitty. Bad threads that get a chuckle are a dime a dozen. Genuinely entertaining trainwrecks are rare.

The same goes for the troll threads. Yes, yes, /tg/ is fueled by rage, har har, but unlike actively participating, it's not really that much fun to read later. They're also extremely common. This is the only rare exception that's made me chuckle is this one:

I think people forget that the archive isn't for *every* thread on /tg/, it should be for the *best* threads on /tg/. Of the OVER FOUR THOUSAND entries, I've cleaned out a couple hundred of the worst-rated pieces of crap. Yes, everyone being trolled by sergals and Flare and whatever was funny for a while, but do you honestly think back wistfully and wish you could relive any thread where a dozen people bawwwed over the Two Minutes Hate flavor of the month?

And for threads like the random rolling fapfic ones, if there's genuinely good content there, wouldn't it be better-organized on 1d4chan than scattered through a dozen threads? I certainly don't mind them being here, especially if it's more or less a temporary holding area so someone can come back later and cull the cream from the dungheap. But in the end, people voted it down, not up. So it goes.

07:48am UTC - 1/13/2010 [X]
You're saying the Religion Is A Traditional Game thread wasn't a good reversed troll thread?

26 SomeRandomGuy
01:34pm UTC - 1/13/2010 [X]
You know, I'm not even sure how people are voting. Every time I've ever tried, I've gotten a "You've already voted for this thread" message.

27 Lord Licorice
09:41pm UTC - 1/13/2010 [X]
@25: Not really? I only really skimmed it, but it didn't quite grab me. I'm somewhat jaded to all the "Real Life is a MMO"-style joke threads, though.

@SRG: Stop voting on things you've already read then! Try voting on something random (give an extra downvote to a crap thread that I haven't deleted yet) and if it doesn't work, PM me on IRC with your IP address and I'll see what's wrong.

28 Fatum
11:54pm UTC - 1/13/2010 [X]
This conversation is full of people who archive shit only they like and consider funny (because they wrote it, most likely, and are now furiously masturbating thinking about how popular they are on the Internet).

01:08pm UTC - 1/16/2010 [X]
Could you wait a few days while I gather what stories I can from these? I'm mostly gathering from the monster girl story threads.
It takes me about an hour per thread to do most at best, so please, don't delete them just yet.

I would've gathered them sooner, but I thought that you would just keep them archived.

30 monotreeme
08:56pm UTC - 1/17/2010 [X]
I have saved all of the threads, if the good lord licorice deletes the graveyard I'll post a mediafire file of them in the next thread, that'll hit the archive and stay for a bit so you can just download the whole shebang.

31 Lord Licorice
02:39am UTC - 1/18/2010 [X]
@29: I honestly just forget to delete them. I'll leave them up for at least a month, officially, but I tend to just... forget to delete it and only remove them when I start culling the next batch.

32 Anonym
04:01am UTC - 1/18/2010 [X]
Anyone got the /x/ saga stories saved? Well, at least the story from the /b/ raid days?

09:53am UTC - 1/19/2010 [X]
@30: Oh, well. Hmm... I'll just keep archiving anyway. Just in case. Also, it kills time.

12:11am UTC - 1/20/2010 [X]
Seeing all of the Unified Setting threads in here kind of makes me sad. It started as such a nice idea, yet went so horribly wrong.

LL, maybe you should change the "DO NOT ARCHIVE" section to include fapfics and (name/trip)fag roleplay threads.

35 Blargh
04:14am UTC - 1/20/2010 [X]
@34: "LL, maybe you should change the "DO NOT ARCHIVE" section to include fapfics and (name/trip)fag roleplay threads."

More importantly, put the "DO NOT ARCHIVE" section up top, right next to the archive submission form, instead of below the thread list. I mean, we just had ANOTHER porn dump get archived, and it's quickly being downvoted by people sick of having those archived, but still. I've mentioned in some generic pic dump threads where people are calling for archival that clearly "Don't archive pic dumps" is there for a reason, and they respond like they've never seen that before.

36 Ettin
11:26am UTC - 1/31/2010 [X]

You should just go ahead and make

Vital part of /tg/ AND YOU GODDAMN KNOW IT.

37 monotreeme
01:03am UTC - 2/03/2010 [X]

While I do argue that monstergirls are a part of /tg/ I do not believe them to be a VITAL part;

D&D and WH40K are VITAL parts. because they are most of the basis of the board.

monstergirls are not vital, many puns/jokes/stories/interesting gaming sessions have come from them, but if M00t himself personally banned every monstergirl poster the board would not collapse.


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