[#] Archive Fixed
09:08pm UTC - 12/23/2009
Hey everyone, 4chan changed its board locations during the scheduled maintenance yesterday, and as an unfortunate result the archives are missing images from pretty much any thread archived on December 22. If anyone happened to save these threads manually, particularly the quest ones (Lord Quest X, Lictor Quest XI, Final Take, etc.), let me know.

Also someone keeps pestering me to move Collective Game/Quest threads into a separate archive page. Does this sound like a good idea y/n

~Lord Licorice



1 PosthumousDeity
10:16pm UTC - 12/23/2009 [X]
Yes moving the Collective Game/Quest threads into a separate archive page would help me pick out the more useful (in my opinion) homebrew/idea threads, thanks very much.


2 Anon
11:46pm UTC - 12/23/2009 [X]
Yes Collective Game/Quest threads into a separate archive page. Thanks

3 Anonymous
04:12am UTC - 12/24/2009 [X]
A separate archive for the collective game stuff would be a lot better.

04:43pm UTC - 12/24/2009 [X]
Y. If you like the collective games, it'll be easier to find. If you don't like them, they won't be shitting up the normal archives.

03:25am UTC - 12/25/2009 [X]
Yes, they need it, and just maybe so do the drawthreads. Those are the only two major things that are very niche interest but very commonly archived. (At least, I can't think of anything else that would need it without getting to the point where the archive would have at least a dozen sections.)

6 Fa... I mean, guess who
11:19am UTC - 12/27/2009 [X]
Sure. I am also all the previous posters

04:42am UTC - 12/28/2009 [X]
...That is all

8 PurpleXVI
08:53pm UTC - 12/28/2009 [X]
Yeah, I support the separate page idea.

I also support you appointing a moderator or two with the power to sweep out shitty porn image dumps and troll threads so you don't have to do all the janitorial duties.

9 Guy who already posted in support of the idea
03:45am UTC - 12/29/2009 [X]

Just deleting everything not in the positive votes would probably have the same effect at this point for everything currently in the archive. Everything -5 or below would nab most of it.

10 supporter
04:24am UTC - 1/28/2010 [X]
definitely get quests out of the general archive. DOOO EEET.

11 advonoCoaws
01:55pm UTC - 7/15/2011 [X]
[b]My first post![/b]


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