08:34am UTC - 10/03/2009

Oktoberfest's kicked off to a great start, with Dog Soldiers and Jacob's Ladder so far. You'll also notice a aesthetic change for the duration, just a little celebration for the month. I've also been hosting a number of horror games on the Livestream, including Afraid of Monsters, Korsakovia, AVP2 Alien and Human campaigns, and even a couple Left4Dead playthroughs. I'm open to suggestions for more games to play, though I have my hands full with Oktoberfest as it is.

In actual traditional-gaming-related news, the Eclipse Phase books should be shipping this month, and I should get my copy around mid-October (I hope). I haven't started the character generator yet, mostly due to a lack of time. I've also failed to make good on my promises to clean out the archives (including combining quest threads, yes I saw your request Gnome, I'll clean up the Dwarf Quest threads and compile them under the proper roof), change up the site content, rework the layout, and even related topics like finishing my Artificial Girl 3 horror story. Work's been too busy for me to take time to really do any of these things, and I continue to fill my off-hours with real-life chores instead of online chores. I'll get them done, though, they're on my to-do list, I swear.

~Lord Licorice

Where we're going, we won't need eyes to see.


1 EmEcks
09:11pm UTC - 10/04/2009 [X]
Hai LL <3.

If you want some help, lemme know, and I'll lend a hand.

-The Mexican.

2 werf
06:31am UTC - 10/05/2009 [X]
how come 1d4chan isn't working, /tg/ was really unhelpful

3 Issyl
09:04am UTC - 10/05/2009 [X]
Don't overwork yourself on our account, LL.

Thanks for hosting such a great server/site.

4 Blast
10:36am UTC - 10/06/2009 [X]
declines salesman

5 HiddenKrypt
11:24pm UTC - 10/14/2009 [X]
>I'm open to suggestions for more games to play

Clive Barker's Undying?


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