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08:45pm UTC - 9/10/2009

We've started playing Dungeons & Dragons Online recently, so I figured I'd post the announcement here so people can make sure they join the right server: We're currently on Khyber, so join us if you're interested! It just went free-to-play and we're going to start a sup/tg/ guild, so stop by #ddo if you're interested.

In other news, October's right around the corner, and I'm going to try and host a horror movie marathon. I plan on running at least one movie a night, every night, all October long, culminating in 24 hours of awesome on Halloween itself. I've still got that pile of 100 public domain and disowned grindhouse movies to play, and a number of more modern, mainstream classics such as Event Horizon. I'll likely be streaming around 10:45-11pm Eastern Mon-Sat, though it's possible I'll skip a day or two here and there. (Normally I'd ask for recommendations, but I've got a massive surplus right now. If you're interested in hosting the stream, let me know!)

Finally, I've been reading the hell out of Eclipse Phase lately and actually plan on hosting a couple games. Amazing! I'm also going to likely make yet another character builder, since I haven't seen any yet outside of custom Excel spreadsheets. It's going to take some effort (there are a lot of variables to work with) but I think it'll be worth the effort. I may need help with data entry, but we'll see.

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