[#] Archive Down
08:33pm UTC - 8/01/2009

Apparently something changed during 4chan's server move, and the archive isn't getting new threads or posts. I'll fix it later this evening.

Edity: I had a sneaking suspicion that I already knew what the problem was, and I was right: I had an ooold entry in my HOSTS file, which overrode actual DNS. "When are those IPs ever going to change?" I had thought to myself at the time. "I'll take it out later. It's not a problem right now."

The archive's fixed again. Maybe tomorrow or the day after I'll cull the archives a bit; as Gnome noted, Dorf Quest could use its own entry ala Ruby Quest at this point (and yes I know some of the entries are screwed up for DQ, I'll get that too), and it's been months since I've deleted shitty threads.

Edity #2: Apropos of nothing:

Andre the Giant was the biggest dwarf who ever lived. We know that he was secretly a dwarf because only a dwarf could ever say "It usually takes two liters of vodka just to make me feel warm inside."

~Lord Licorice



12:28am UTC - 8/02/2009 [X]
try deleting your system32

2 Gnome
02:06am UTC - 8/02/2009 [X]
Hey, could you put the Dorf Quests into their own thread section like you did with Ruby Quest?

3 BoogaBooga
08:03pm UTC - 8/05/2009 [X]
Hail, my lord!

Listen, we've got an annoying prick haranguing /tg/. He goes by the name of Spanish Flee, and he's been trying to overcome his lack of quality as a troll with sheer quantity of troll attempts, sometimes two or three threads at once. Could I get moot's e-mail or something? Try to get the guy off /tg/?

4 TheWarp
04:25am UTC - 8/28/2009 [X]


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