[#] the huns did it
04:27am UTC - 7/16/2009

It's that lovely time of year again! The filthy mongoloids that wired my house decided it was a smashing idea to wire the entire living room and half of the basement on the same circuit. This means that the server, television, air conditioner, freezer, washing machine, and dehumidifier are on the same circuit (the latter due to the fact other filthy mongoloids improperly sealed and insulated the basement), among countless other devices. Oh, and the microwave on completely random occasion.

So, you can probably guess how often the server loses power.

If the site is down for no reason, it's the damned power. Again. Just as an FYI. Ffffff.

~Lord Licorice



1 bard
12:58pm UTC - 7/16/2009 [X]
lol, fag

2 Blorst
04:41pm UTC - 7/16/2009 [X]
Can't you just host the whole site on the virtual server?

3 Gary Eraklin
06:55am UTC - 7/18/2009 [X]
We finally have a reason for why the Hot Pockets are sup/tg/'s bane!

Although I know your pain. For the longest time the house I lived in had the entire kitchen, living room, master bathroom and 2/4 bedrooms on the same circuit. Shit still flickers when you turn other shit on.

4 buttman
01:53am UTC - 7/21/2009 [X]

5 jreyst
07:36pm UTC - 7/23/2009 [X]
Subject: Pathfinder SRD

You might want to add a link to the Paizo Pathfinder SRD site I've started and have been working on. Its at Let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions!


6 Coyote
09:01pm UTC - 7/25/2009 [X]


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