[#] Archive Purgin'
05:57am UTC - 3/25/2009

After witnessing a particularly shitty thread get archived, I realized I hadn't purged it in a while and have taken a cursory swing at the lowest votes. I really need to just kill everything under a certain value but the more personal touch lets me save things that deserve saving elsewhere before giving it the axe. Here's the latest list; as usual, anything deleted is put into the graveyard for a time. All graveyard items previous to these have been deleted.

Special note: The 4chan Show has also been removed. I'd paid little attention to it, even as I noticed thread after thread appearing in the archives, but when fucking 18 Part 2 rolled around with a Mod showing up to denounce how fucking off-topic it was... Anyone that cares can still get the threads from the graveyard as linked below, but eliminating over 20 unnecessary threads feels good, man.

You can pretty much see a timeline of /tg/'s fascination, boredom, and eventual anger at its existence by the score/# votes made. Future authors take note, no matter how awesome you think you are, /tg/ is fickle and will not stand for 20 goddamned threads.

~Lord Licorice

I suck at art, why do I even still have this picture


1 Fatum
11:18am UTC - 3/25/2009 [X]
Baaaawwww at >>774827 being deleted.

2 Aeros
05:43pm UTC - 3/25/2009 [X]
I like 774827, but it isn't really archive worthy. FFS people, archive is for GREAT threads, not every damn thread under the yellow sun.

3 Totallynotsamefag
07:20pm UTC - 3/25/2009 [X]
Boy you really don't like those rape fics getting archived eh?

4 Gorbash_Derpdar
07:22pm UTC - 3/25/2009 [X]
What if we're under a blue sun?

5 Fats
09:51pm UTC - 3/25/2009 [X]
Aeros, it's not worthy of being archived, but it's not worthy of being deleted as well.
I mean, come on, it's by far not as bad as the others in the list.

6 Lord Licorice
10:28pm UTC - 3/25/2009 [X]
I'm pretty sure I upvoted I DO COLD MEDICINE myself, so one of you two failed to apply a positive vote to the thing while you had a chance (-8 after 10 votes implies it was one for and nine against). I never get out of the red zone by the time I'm sick of looking at terribad threads during deletion, so it's really your faults for not upvoting a favorite thread enough.


7 Kalatash
11:18pm UTC - 3/25/2009 [X]
I wonder... how in the hell should you save one of these threads? Of course, if these things are going to be sitting here for a while [well, more than a month] I suppose I have time to get the parts I want out of the thread I want.

8 Fexy
11:49pm UTC - 3/25/2009 [X]
Oh god where am I. This isn't the chatroom what the hell.

9 Fatum
02:14am UTC - 3/26/2009 [X]
Kalatash, I...I am at a loss of words, really.

See, there's that one nice button named "S" on your keyboard.
Then, there's another totally sweet button named "Ctrl" there as well.
When those two buttons love each other very much, you press them simultaneously while having a page you need saved opened in the active tab of the active window, and THE PAGE GETS SAVED IN THE FUCKING HTML, YOU DON'T NEED A MONTH FOR THAT, WANKER, IT ONLY TAKES TEN SECONDS PER PAGE YOU FUCKING IMBECILE. PERHAPS YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE IT FROM THE VERY BEGINNING INSTEAD OF SAVING TONS OF YOUR STUPID CRAP IN THE ARCHIVE.

10 Ettin
05:57am UTC - 3/26/2009 [X]
Wow, man. Wow.

You are one pretty rude dude!!

11 Lord Licorice
06:08am UTC - 3/26/2009 [X]
oh god the ruskie's off his meds

someone give him a sickle and vodka stat

To actually answer Kalatash's question, save the page as HTML as Fatum described, then use DownloadThemAll or a similar plugin to download the images. Open the HTML file in a text editor and use automatic find/replace to rewrite the image URLs so the large-size images work when you click them in your local copy. It's not too time-consuming, and there'd have to be something really special about whatever you're trying to save for you to bother getting it out of a shitty thread to begin with, so it's not something you'd need to do often anyway.

12 Fats
12:20pm UTC - 3/26/2009 [X]
LL, you can also use Offline Explorer or wget or whatev to do the things you've described for you, but I don't really think there's any need to go into such complex subjects for people special enough to be unable to save a fucking thread as an html themselves.

13 Amazing
12:00am UTC - 3/27/2009 [X]
That's the problem (well, one of them) you come across when you make archiving this easy, LL. People get used to the ease and the lack of needing other people to think X thread is awesome and archiveworthy, so they start tossing in everything under the sun. And then we arrive at a point like this, where flamethrowers are necessary.

Not that I think you should make it a bitch to archive things. That you do make it so easy is the main reason people like the place.

14 Upon
01:01am UTC - 3/27/2009 [X]
Telemachus, Deus Volt, and Cold Medicine all sadden me. Still, I can see the reasons for deleting all of them, the first was incomplete (And a terrible treatment of the original), the second was also incomplete though it tried to keep the spirit going, and Cold Medicine... Oh right, I accidentally downvoted that when the archive was new. Durrrhhuurrrr.

15 Upon
01:05am UTC - 3/27/2009 [X]
Oh and hurp a durp double post, thank you for getting rid of that irritating Zalgo thread I asked to be fixed. Do you have any way of keeping that from happening again, or shall suptg be vulnerable to the horizontal bar madness again? which y'know if you don't feel like doing i can understand you're a busy man.

16 Bloomwriter
06:39am UTC - 3/27/2009 [X]
Heh. Now I have a thread at every rank, AND a thread deleted.

17 Thin
04:19am UTC - 3/28/2009 [X]

Wait, is that...


01:37am UTC - 4/06/2009 [X]
>TLDR: furries and mods save the day
>furries save the day

Only time in history.


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