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10:02am UTC - 3/22/2009

So, Garry's Mod's been a lot of fun lately; usually the game outlives its novelty after a day or two, but playing with a number of friends and using cool maps really makes a hell of a difference. The amount of shit you can do with it when you factor mods into the equation extends its entertainment value by orders of magnitude.

Speaking of which, I think it's time for a new post that has updated information about all the mods and maps we've been using lately. Some of these addons require SVN to download, so get Tortoise SVN. Once installed, right-click your desktop, choose SVN Checkout from the list, and enter the URL provided in the entry. You'll connect to the SVN server and download the latest copy of all the files. When you're done, just move it to garrysmod/garrysmod/addons. You can update your copy at any time by right-clicking the folder and choosing SVN Update.

And now, the list (last updated 4/14/09):

~Lord Licorice



1 Conscripts Gary
10:05pm UTC - 3/22/2009 [X]
LL! Did you use this version of gcombat?
Understandable if you messed up, is a bit of a shithole

2 Lord Licorice
01:40am UTC - 3/23/2009 [X]
No, someone uploaded the latest version from SVN for me, and it was just broken. I've since downloaded that particular version and it works fine (flamethrowers are awesooome)

3 Conscripts Gary
02:43am UTC - 3/23/2009 [X]
Indeed, but I'm more partial to NEBELWERFEEEEEEEEEER spam myself.

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