[#] 404 Not Found
03:31pm UTC - 3/08/2009

The requested URL /tg/imgboard.html was not found on this server.

jesus christ what did you guys do this time

i cant leave you alone for a few hours without someone eating /tg/

goddamnit you guys

~Lord Licorice



1 Blast
04:27pm UTC - 3/08/2009 [X]
Moot <3 hot pockets too

2 Gnome
04:42pm UTC - 3/08/2009 [X]
Right in the middle of Dorf Quest, too. ;w;

3 Charm
05:29pm UTC - 3/08/2009 [X]
I tried looking elsewhere, every board is down...except /b/.

hope it gets better tomorrow.

4 Tony
12:33am UTC - 3/09/2009 [X]
I think we should host /tg/ on a SharePoint server instead. HAHAHAHA

5 Conscripts Gary
01:34am UTC - 3/09/2009 [X]
I blame the USSR, just for the record.

07:06am UTC - 3/09/2009 [X]
It happened again...
What the hell?
Anon does not understand the cause of this dilemma!

07:17am UTC - 3/09/2009 [X]
In Soviet Russia, USSR blames YOU!


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