[#] Since he hasn't responded...
09:17pm UTC - 1/29/2009

You can't be a Noble Psyker. [citation needed] Under the actual Noble Born segment ( IH pg. 16 ) is a list of possible character paths, a Psyker is not one of them. Fantesy Flight has posted erreta about the incorrect table on pg. 20 Table 1-7 Career Paths. [citation needed] Even though I wish I could be a Noble Psyker it is just not possible. [NPOV]

Seriously now, you've emailed me twice and can't provide any verification for your claims, and apparently ignore my requests when I ask for them. I'm not going to bother FFG over something that may be working as intended.

So, does anyone know where to find this mythical Inquisitor's Handbook errata, or can anyone provide a compelling argument one way or the other regarding the conflict between the tables (especially taking into account the information at the link)?

~Lord Licorice



1 Shas'O Faiz
10:05am UTC - 1/30/2009 [X]
The IH errata is in the back of the DH Errata v2.0 PDF, which should be on FFG's website. It does not appear to clarify the issue at all, saying nothing about Noble Born or Psykers.

2 Shas'O Faiz
10:51am UTC - 1/30/2009 [X]
Also Errata for anyone who wants to see it:

3 CS 3 Goto
11:18pm UTC - 1/30/2009 [X]




08:51am UTC - 2/02/2009 [X]
Shas, errata is available free on their site, here
But yeah, not a word on the matter.

5 Shas'O Faiz
08:23pm UTC - 2/02/2009 [X]
That link wasn't working earlier, s'why I had to upload it.


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