[#] Articles Section! Yaaay!
11:43am UTC - 10/17/2008

Huzzah, it's finally finished! The Articles section of sup/tg/ is now done. Once again, it took a few-hour up-until-5:40 day to do it, but it's done! The navigation is a bit shit at the moment, but whatever. People can start submitting articles for each of the categories, either by stopping in the IRC or shooting me an email. Ruler and Jean and Purple, too, and MxSavior soon!

I don't know how any of this is going to work yet, at least in terms of how new articles are announced; I might put a thin top banner at the top of the frontpage with the last couple posted articles visible, as well as any planned events or other notable things. I also don't have a particular posting schedule in mind, either; multiple simultaneous submissions will likely get posted one by one (preferably one a day), and I'll figure out how and when they'll get posted on a weekly basis.

Last and certainly not least, remember, this is for the benefit of /tg/ as a whole; you don't need to be a sup/tg/ regular to have an article posted. Hell, you could be visiting for the very first time today, and if you send something awesome our way it'll get posted. As long as the article's decent, we'll post anything related to any /tg/ topic, from your favorite DF stories to game design ideas or new homebrew systems to general (eloquent!) rants about why something sucks or rocks. So go ahead and submit your articles!

~Lord Licorice

Where we're going, we won't need eyes to see.



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