[#] It's Comcastic!
11:58am UTC - 9/24/2008

So Comcast decided that I didn't need phone or internet service at 2am - who'll notice, amirite? - and everything went out for no apparent reason. It gave me plenty of time to work on the character generator without distractions, but it's seriously irritating. I'm trying to look up the string replacement function in Javascript, assholes! Give me my goddamn Google!

Oh, yeah, and the site was inaccessible as a result. Once again, it's here, you guys just can't get to it. Guess I'll just have to play The Witcher until it's back up.

Edity: UsuallyRandom, when you've got a moment, can you drop by the IRC? I had a couple questions, namely the kinds of notes you wanted and what to do about abilities like Giant Weapons when the weapons table is turned off.

~Lord Licorice




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