[#] Bloop
05:10am UTC - 9/24/2008

Before I forget, a dear friend of mine asked me to give a link to his currently empty site, Violent Bees. He said giving him a link would make him get off his ass and put some content up, so here you go, Tony! It's under the sidebar, too, for those of you that look at those sorts of links.

Let's see, what else... oh, yeah. There are some general site changes I want to make, like:

The nice thing about sup/tg/ is that there's always something I could be doing to make it better, so I'm never stagnating. Of course, I did just pick up The Witcher, so that's going to be eating up some of my time between the changes.

I keep saying it, but I also would like to add some kind of article section. I don't know who will contribute or what they'll want to say, but it's something I've wanted to do for a little while. It'll happen one of these days!

~Lord Licorice




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