[#] Maid RPG Generator
12:00pm UTC - 9/23/2008

Why do I do this to myself with the late nights? Anyway, Maid RPG character generator is looking good. It doesn't save characters yet and I think UsuallyRandom wanted me to add a comments field, but this looks pretty good and it lets you make the most goddamned ridiculous characters I've ever seen come out of a generator. It's like a Mary Sue Generator. I mean, just look at this:

Your name is Derp. You are 18 years old. You have pink eyes and pink hair, and wear a pink maid uniform. You are pure and cool; others describe you as unflappable, clean and fragile.

You are a vampire, with long fangs, pale skin, an aversion to light and an insatiable appetite. You know the spells necessary to summon demons, your tools of the trade being magic circles, a black cloak, and ancient books. Rather than a Western-style maid uniform, you wear a Japanese-style uniform featuring a kimono and an apron. For some reason, love just never works out for you; at this point, you've resigned yourself to your fate. You wield magic that lets you control the bodies and souls of the dead, your tools of the trade including skulls and black clothes.

In combat, you fight with a revolver. When you are extremely upset, you unleash violence on the other maids and the master.

Holy shit man. And yes, it really did manage to land on pink for hair, eyes and uniform. This chick is basically cotton candy with fangs. (Also the game recommends rolling two, and no more than three, random qualities... but where's the fun in moderation?)

~Lord Licorice



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