[#] hurp derp
10:40am UTC - 9/16/2008

I was going to bed but Ruler was all "LL UPDATE THE WEBSITE YOU DON'T NEED SLEEP LL UPDATE DO IT" so now I am so there.

Anyway, I'm sure you've all heard that Maid RPG is out. Given the ridiculously hilarious characters you can create with its character generation, and given that it's 100% roll-based generation... well, you can probably guess where I'm going with this. It's far less data-intensive and edge-case-intensive than, say, Dark Heresy, so I think I'll have the Maid RPG chargen completed tomorrow night or so. You can fuck around with it if you want, though it's nowhere near complete, naturally.

As for all those site upgrades? Yeah, fuck it, not going to bother, I give up. I spent too much time getting nowhere to continue, and I managed to complete my original task of installing Perl (with ActivePerl) and AWStats for log analysis. Like any website, Apache logs basic information by default, allowing administrators to fine-tune the site, either to help people find what they're looking for, make certain pages more attractive to visitors and search engines, locate problems, see which pages people enter and exit from, and more.

Since my installation of AWStats, here are a few awesome things I've learned from traffic analyzed between January 2008 to present:

Neat shit. (Note to any paranoids out there: I don't sell traffic data to anyone and I don't use tracking cookies or any of that nonsense. The information collected is anonymous and uses nothing more than the vanilla default Apache logs, the same kind collected by each and every webserver on the face of the planet.)

Edit: ffff goddamnit ruler I just lost another half hour of sleep to this update it's 5:11 now

~Lord Licorice




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