[#] Server Maintenance
02:45pm UTC - 9/14/2008

So, because things were working just so well I felt like I had to fuck them up to feel normal, I've been attempting (and horribly failing) to update various server components, e.g. PHP. Unfortunately I spent three hours or more trying to install a new version of XAMPP only to revert back to the original files (always back up your work, kiddies!). At least rsync with DeltaCopy went swimmingly, so if the server machine dies or I totally fuck it up at least it's on a different physical machine and drive.

I'm going to keep trying to upgrade components, possibly in advance of both analytics software such as AWStats (I'm curious about what kind of traffic I get) as well as installing a blog suite like WordPress. I'm still waiting on the "editorfag" for Nerd Journal to write me (I didn't get the email, by the way, please resend it!), but it seems like having a place for people to write articles and rants and the like is a good idea in general and seems like a good next project for me to work on.

Lastly, there's a new MUD using the GodWars 96 codebase up at on port 4000. Wearfe is currently screwing around with the source and attempting to add new classes; unlike SmaugFUSS the core content isn't shit and isn't geared toward horrific grinding, so it's already got one up on the old MUD. Since he's messing around with the actual code and recompiling it on occasion, the MUD might be a little... bouncy for a bit, but after all the random stops and restarts around here it really will feel like home.

Also, I didn't mention this before, but PurpleXVI is a recent addition to the IRCop team, along with Ruler, Jean and myself. If you need help or just want to bug him for shits and giggles, please feel free to inundate him with dongs and gibberish.

~Lord Licorice



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Once returned and deposited through the machine, for each item shoppers will be offered the choice of a 10p voucher to redeem instore or a 10p donation to one of the stores' selected charities.Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and Environment Richard Lochhead said:"Years ago, we thought nothing of taking our empty glass bottles back to the shops with the added bonus of getting cash back in our pocket. Now thanks to modern technology we are breathing new life into this traditional approach through the Recycle and Reward scheme. By offering customers incentives such as money back or vouchers for recycling their glass bottles and cans when out shopping, at college or travelling to work, I hope we can encourage more people to recycle on the go."Each year, around 22,000 tonnes of plastic drinks bottles alone go to landfill in Scotland. If that was separated for recycling it could be worth around 6 million to the economy and that's why it's so important that we help more people to recycle what they can."Even small steps like recycling more drinks containers can have a big impact on our environment. I hope this new scheme will encourage everyone to go that bit further, helping us to become a zero waste society. By taking small actions to go greener together we benefit Scotland today and for future generations."Linton Scarborough, Store Manager, IKEA Edinburgh, said:"At IKEA, we are committed to ensuring sustainability is at the heart of what we do. We strive to be a good neighbour and we want to inspire and enable our customers to live a more sustainable life at home, helping them to save or generate energy, reduce or sort waste, use less or recycle water. We have a number of different sustainability initiatives in place in stores across the UK and also as a company, so we are thrilled to be the first business to trial the 'Recycle and Reward' scheme at both of the Scottish IKEA stores. We are excited about this great addition to IKEA Edinburgh and hope it will play a part in making sure recycling is always front of mind for both our customers and coworkers alike."Iain Gulland, Director, Zero Waste Scotland, said:"It's vital that we consider fresh approaches to boosting recycling rates and capturing the value of materials which would otherwise be sent straight to landfill. Through this pilot, we want to assess the impact of this approach which has proved successful around the world, including in Germany, South Australia and Scandinavia. It's important we change the way people view waste in Scotland and we'll be looking at how incentivising these recycling schemes impacts on recycling rates and complements other schemes designed to capture valuable materials, including kerbside, recycling centres and banks."In total, nine 'Recycle and Reward' schemes will be piloted at 14 locations including retail outlets, event venues, shopping centres, schools and colleges, as part of the Scottish Government's Zero Waste Scotland programme. The local pilots, which will run until September 2013, will be independently monitored and evaluated to assess the potential impact the rollout of similar schemes could have on recycling rates in Scotland.The following projects have been awarded funding through the Recycle and Reward pilot scheme:University of Dundee An oncampus initiative, with onsite reverse vending machines placed in prominent areas for use by staff and students. Cordia Services LLP Reverse vending machines will be placed in the refectory areas of Glasgow Caledonian University for use by students and staff Heriot Watt University An oncampus deposit and return initiative, with onsite reverse vending machines placed in prominent areas for use by staff and students. Whitmuir Organics A deposit and return pilot project for the collection of glass, aluminium and plastic (PET) containers at Whitmuir Farm North Ayrshire Council Reverse vending pilot for aluminium and PET at Garnock Academy, Ardrossan Academy and Largs Academy IKEA, in partnership with the Reverse Vending Corporation Fully automated pilot for glass, aluminium and plastics (PET) with the 2 Scottish IKEA stores South Ayrshire Council Reverse vending machines will be placed at the Council's Community Recycling Centres in Troon and Marr College Network Rail Reverse vending machines for aluminium and plastics (PET) to be placed in Edinburgh Waverley and Glasgow Central rail stations for use by commuters Hebridean Celtic Festival Reverse vending machines to be placed at the Celtic Festival
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If that doesn't work for you, you might as well get a new set of luggage. (I know, sad, but true) I would suggest going for a discounted set since luggage can get really expensive. And this time try remembering the combo.
Note that the release mechanism does not open by squeezing the center latch tabs together or pushing them apart. Instead one must move BOTH together to the right and the word OPEN will appear.
Now your combination should be set to the number you wish.

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WellPet LLC has also recalled Wellness Complete Health Super5Mix Large Breed Puppy, 15 lb. and 30 lb. bags and5 oz. sample bags with best by dates of JAN 9 2013 through JAN 11 2013.
And for the first time, cat food is included on the recall list. Costco Kirkland Signature products are now included in the recall list, but again it not clear if these products are distributed in Washington state. There was no one available for comment.

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