[#] CharGen Complete Finally For Reals
12:10pm UTC - 9/13/2008

Success! I actually managed to get it to do what I wanted without sacrificing any more goats or Hot Pockets. You can now view a writable PDF of any character in the database. As it strongly recommends, use FoxIt so you can actually save your sheet (stupid Adobe).

This is the last work I'm going to be doing on the generator for a while; I need to take a break and do other things, such as install another MUD, upgrade the webserver to the latest version of everything, install AWStats so I can start actually checking out my traffic (I realized Webalizer already comes with XAMPP so I'll try that first), get back into Dwarf Fortress, potentially set up a rants and articles section for authors to write pieces on RPGs both homebrew and commercial... you know, the usual I-have-too-much-shit-to-do chaos I tend to thrive in. The next iteration would ideally include the ability to purchase advances for your characters, but that's a whole new level of data entry and I'd rather just, you know, not do that right now.

Anyway, it's crazy o'clock, so please have a wonderful weekend.

~Lord Licorice




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