[#] More CharGen Stuff
11:28am UTC - 9/12/2008

So, I am dumb and am up way too late these past few nights. Anyway. I guess the LHC must have caused a space-time rift or something because I've said twice now that the DH CharGen is complete and yet here I am still working on it. This time I'm trying to make the charsheet print to a writable PDF, and after a couple false starts and other general problems, I've started actually getting it to work. However, I've come to realize that PDFs are pretty much shit. They display weird for no readily apparent reason and unless you're willing to shell out money to fix someone else's mistakes, you can't actually edit the PDFs. Still, it'll be a neat option when it's done, albeit a potential resource drain (at 1.85MB per request), but it's certainly something no one else offers.

Also, yes, you can't save a modified PDF in Acrobat (e.g. if you edit the writable fields you can't save it with their free bullshit extortion software); however, you can do that in FoxIt, a free and lightweight PDF viewer. Granted, there are some other weirdnesses with FoxIt to consider and both applications seem to cause the filled information to fucking float unless you modify the fields in some fashion, but it's better than nothing.

Something something yadda yadda going to start a new MUD up again, blah blah someone apparently wants to run a newsletter and have me host it, herp derp still need to run the contest for upper-left site graphic...

Oh, a couple of neat last things related to the CharGen: Ross Watson of Fantasy Flight Games, the Senior RPG Developer for Dark Heresy, is going to be sending me some Arkham Horror stuff for my efforts on the generator. So that's pretty awesome. Also, it looks like Dark Reign enjoyed the character generator enough to put it right on their sidebar, which is also pretty neat. I just hope my body bandwidth can take it.

~Lord Licorice




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