[#] Dark Heresy CharGen Completed, LHC Activates Today
11:28am UTC - 9/10/2008

Happy Large Hadron Collider day! It's down at the moment and I'm sure it's just going to get the shit hammered out of it throughout the day, but CERN has a live video feed here. This is a momentus occasion; for those of you unfamiliar with particle physics and wonder how this shit's going to apply to normal life, methinks you need a bit of a history lesson on the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) - namely, the last batch of particle experiments led them to invent the internet because they needed a way to store, transfer and catalogue the data. Yes, that's right: Not Gore, not DARPA, but CERN invented the internet as a method to share their findings with researchers all over the world. The fucking internet was created by these guys out of simple necessity, almost as an afterthought. Imagine what other 'incidental' creations they'll come up with in this iteration.

Additionally, the CharGen is now 100% actually complete. With the very minor exception of a career memento list for Sororitas (since the .pdf didn't list them and I wasn't feeling creative), everything else has been implemented. There is now a standard view, a story view, and a printer-friendly plaintext view for every character sheet. If I can find a way to print to an image file or PDF, I'll add that (though I'm doubtful it's possible without licensing something). Version 3.0 of the CharGen will actually let you create higher-ranking characters and buy character advances and the like, but I'm putting that off for a while. (I haven't had requests for a WHFRP revamp, so it's not even on the horizon at this time.)

It's quarter to six, so I'm going to fall into bed. Please enjoy the hard work and please have a wonderful LHC Day.


~Lord Licorice




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