[#] For Fuck's Sake
09:01am UTC - 9/04/2008

I'm not sure when any of you will actually be able to see this, but this status announcement will be patiently awaiting your ability to view it. Now that the server is nice and stable, of course, we have to have random outages just to make sure people feel at home. In this case, the internet died and seems to be weaving in and out of consciousness like an indecisive coma patient. The server never went down at any time, it's just your ability to reach it, so don't blame me! (What really sucks is that the phone is out, too. I hope nobody catches fire! No 911!)

I've added mementos to the character generator (world only so far, I'll do class next, though I still don't know what to do for Sororitas), and will be adding details like family next (ala the quick generator or WHFRP). I'll also be creating a "summary" instead of Eyes: X Hair: Y sort of layout to make things more interesting. I may or may not have character saving/viewing done tonight, we'll see if I can get it hammered out in the next 20 minutes (I have to get up early). Wish me luck!

~Lord Licorice




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