[#] DH CharGen Nearly Complete
10:57am UTC - 9/02/2008

Brief little update. I've been hammering away at the DH chargen, and it's nearly complete. My task now is taking all the info the users have selected and presenting it to them in a variety of easily-printable formats. The best-case scenario would be an actual character sheet, though printing to an image file may be difficult and I don't believe using a premade sheet will really do the trick. I may be able to alter one of the official sheets, but we'll see on that. If anyone has specific recommendations or desired formats, please let me know.

I expect to have it finished either tonight or tomorrow night, depending on how much extra crap I find myself needing to do. My favorite part, namely the little character summary of all the things you've chosen (including optional extras like mementos, family history, etc.) hasn't even been touched yet, and I'm not sure how long that will take me, but everything else is pretty much completed. I also need to do general error-checking (to help prevent players from missing a selection or section on the chargen) and make sure all the mechanics are functioning, but at this time you should be able to use the character builder right now and see all the little numbers add up, including bonuses from starting packages from the Inquisitor's Handbook and the like.

As always you can view the Dark Heresy Character Generator here.

~Lord Licorice




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