[#] Not as planned
09:02am UTC - 8/26/2008

So, uh. Remember, boys and girls, when replacing a processor fan, be absolutely, positively certain of what processor socket you're buying before you buy it. Also, be absolutely, positively sure that if you happen to buy the wrong part, you don't accidentally snap the bracket for the old processor heatsink, leaving you with a useless corpseputer.

Yeah. I kinda fucked up the old server machine. A replacement heatsink is $25, and I can't really return the old one ($13 fan, $9 to ship it back plu $2 restocking fee...); money isn't an issue, but I have, in the meantime, found a replacement machine to use in its stead. It's a little toaster Shuttle case, 1.7GHz Sempron, 1GB RAM; cute, probably uses less power. It runs pretty hot, but unlike the previous machine the processor isn't spiking crazily and the thing (despite its physical apparent heat) has an internal temperature of 55C which never moves up or down. It also runs far, far smoother than the older machine; despite the slower processor and less RAM, it seems to fly. I'm going to try it for a few days and if it crashes, too, or just seems to not work out, I'll order the new heatsink for the old machine.

In other news, I'm doing a lot of work on the DH chargen tonight; thanks to my brother, SniperGuyy, a lot of the time-consuming data entry has been done, so I can copy and paste into the chargen with ease. I don't think I'll have it 100% completed tonight, but it'll be damn near ready.

... still worried about the heat this thing throws off... I wonder what the max core temperature a Sempron takes...? Oh shit, this thing goes up to 90C according to some sites. The Celeron taps out at 74C according to Intel. The Sempron seems to be keeping the CPU usage down to a mere 1-3% instead of 5-10% with random giant spikes. Maybe I've got my new server right here...

~Lord Licorice




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