[#] ohgodsotired
11:02am UTC - 8/20/2008


Quick notes. I've added a few more bits and pieces to the DH chargen, such as Wealth and starting insanity. I laid more groundwork for more features tomorrow, but I mostly need to check myself and ensure everything's working as it should up to this point. I will then add the starting packages and get to work on the data-entry-heavy background generation.

The Xen server has a TF2 server running at the moment, though I don't know how long it will be available or how well it will work. For now you can reach it at by adding the server manually in Steam. Enjoy, let me know if it fucks up or if it works great or whatever.

Also Ruler is going away to Anthrocon Anime Evolution for a few days, so anyone that might be there should find him and make him feel awkward and uncomfortable! Here is a picture of him for reference:


Have fun at your con, Ruler! We'll miss yoooou~

~Lord Licorice



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