[#] Strike the Earth revamp
09:33am UTC - 8/19/2008

I just finished going through most of Strike the Earth! and making it look halfway decent. Instead of a bunch of boring black text on white background, I've given it a makeover similar to sup/tg/ and even added a sidebar picture. I've been thinking about doing this to sup/tg/ itself, so this is a bit of a "test run" for a new design.

Years one, two and three are now up on StE!, although as of yet no one has written an official journal (including myself), though CAPSLOCKGUY did provide this "teaser" entry to tide us over:

this one time i stuck a dildo up my ass and it shot out
like a bird with bacon in its teeth.

Exciting stuff. Also this is what DiceMaid, myself and Hugbox look like as lolis, apparently:


Good to know. I especially like DiceMaid. Thanks Minneso-tan!

In other news, I think tomorrow will be the day I dedicate to working on the Dark Heresy character generator. I really want to get it finished and promised myself I'd get it done this week. Really, all it needs to do now is spit out the user's choices into a usable format (e.g. text file, will try to make it print directly into a printable image file). I need to add a few more details for the worlds and the starting packages, but after that it should be pretty good to go. Version 3.0 (this being 2.0) will likely include the ability to add PROOOOOOOOMOTIONS to your character.

~Lord Licorice



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