09:50pm UTC - 8/16/2008

Out of fukken nowhere, the sup/tg/ succession game continues! Since Beryl derped out (the game crashed in Autumn of his year and he lost interest) and Xom apparently forgot that I told him it was his year, the game had fallen by the wayside... until Fatum came to the rescue!

Here are some overview shots of the game thus far:

Start of Year 1
End of Year 1 (a)
End of Year 2 (a)
End of Year 1 (b)
End of Year 2 (b)

It is now CAPSLOCKGUY's turn; I don't know whose turn comes after this, because everyone signed up for the turn order but nobody prompted me for it until Fatum took the initiative. If you want in on the game... well, screw the turn order; we'll have a vote or roll some dice or something when CAPSLOCKGUY ends his turn. You can find my total lack of a summary and save files for each years here. I'll write a journal at some point, I swear!

In other news, I'll be on vacation all next week. I don't have any particular plans (I will fucking eviscerate the next asshole that says staycation) so I should be around for some gaming of some kind. We've been playing a lot of Alien Swarm and UT2004 lately, so that will likely continue. I'll also take a nice chunk of that time and complete the Dark Heresy character generator.

~Lord Licorice




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