[#] derp
09:45pm UTC - 7/31/2008

I'm sitting in a waiting room at the Ford dealership right now while they replace my tires and headlight, so I figured now was as good a time as any to keep working on the chargen and make a little note about last night's excrement-related inclement weather event.

The long and short of it is this: Please don't bring your drama from /tg/ into the IRC, and please don't bring your drama from the IRC onto /tg/. If you have a problem with a poster on /tg/, keep it there; if you have a problem with a user in the IRC, keep it there. It's pretty straightforward. There is absolutely no reason for you to log into the IRC for the express purpose of publicly calling out an individual, nor is there any reason to post on /tg/ about someone or something you don't like in the IRC.

I apologize for overreacting last night, though in hindsight, threatening to (temporarily!) ban people for refusing to stop stirring up drama is a fairly common universal rule, whether you're a companion site to a Traditional Games board on 4chan or an official IRC server on any forum anywhere on the internet. Everyone involved knew the discussion was just a pointles whine-fest, and yet they refused to let it die. Even this post itself is a continuation of a discussion that didn't need to be discussed.

To beat the point to death with a tire iron, I will repeat it again: If you've got a problem with someone, bring it up with them in the same venue it occurred. If you're getting trolled on /tg/, keep it on /tg/, and if you're getting trolled on sup/tg/, keep it on sup/tg/. Sheer common sense aside, if you're having a problem, bring it to the attention of the moderators of the venue and they'll fix it. Drama cross-pollination is only an effective tactic if the individuals involved allow it to be effective, and I refuse to allow it.

And, finally, of course, no one person represents any group as a whole, for better or worse. I don't claim to speak for /tg/ or 4chan in any capacity, and no one save myself speaks for or acts on the behalf of sup/tg/. Furthermore, for those of you that can't seem to count, one person acting like a jackass that happens to frequent a particular site does not constitute a raid from said site.

Now back to your regularly scheduled gaming.

~Lord Licorice

I'm sorry, I can't hear you over how awesome my moustache is.



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