[#] More DH Work
10:15am UTC - 7/27/2008

I've done some more basic work on the character generator after skipping Friday night due to mysterious illness (my wrist was in screaming pain for no readily apparent reason). I'm liking the new layout already, which you can view here. As with the previous incarnation of the chargen, the vast majority of the time to complete it will be simple data entry, namely entering all the statistics, skills, class information, etc., then adding it all up and making sure the output looks right when it's complete. I'm going to try my best to use the data I already have in the PHP version, but I'm still going to have to duplicate a lot of the work.

I still need to get my hands on the background packages information from the Inquisitor's Handbook, but it should be fairly trivial to add the new information. (It should be easy enough to make special exceptions, e.g. disallow Sororitas as a class for male characters, and/or force the gender as 'female' if Sororitas is chosen; now that I think about it, simply forcing the gender to 'female' will probably be easier in the long run, since gender is technically one of the last things to choose.) The special packages and ability to create higher-ranked characters shouldn't be too difficult to implement, though I haven't really looked at it too closely just yet.

Lastly, I realized that a character sheet pre-printed with all the stat values might be annoying, since you won't be able to just erase it when you're using it. Then I remembered that a lot of the people that use the DH generator are DMs that want a quick method of rolling NPCs, and in that case they wouldn't care about the stats being pre-written onto the paper, so I'm going to try and do it anyway. (Yes, I realize I'm mostly justifying this to myself, but I figured I'd comment in case it dawned on someone else as well.) A "printer friendly" text-only version will also be available for players so they can fill in their own sheets.

Edity: Oh, and 4chan is still down. Delicious DDoSing is delicious. You'd think Moot would set the DNS for 4chan to localhost so his poor webhosting company stops getting hammered and he stops having bandwidth wasted, but... Oh well. He must have his reasons for keeping the DNS set the way it is, other than the really high TTL he has set for 4chan for whatever reason. Honestly, during problems like this, he should just point 4chan to someone he doesn't like and let them get DDoSed instead.

~Lord Licorice

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