[#] oh god so tired
11:20am UTC - 7/25/2008

5:20 in the morning? Holy crap I need sleep goddamnit.

I've been asked to change the DH chargen to allow a player to pick and choose nearly every aspect of their character during generation, making it less of a random character generator and more of a character building utility. The previous chargen will still be there, but I'm essentially starting from scratch with the new stuff; PHP is great, but this requires the page to be updated per user input without refreshing it, so I need to redo just about everything in Javascript for the new chargen.

You can see the preliminary work here. I've also included the ability to choose your starting class as well on the regular generator, though it's still tied to your homeworld (since just about every stat, bonus and descriptor is derived from that starting trait). My goal is to allow the player to choose traits et al. that could have been rolled randomly, so the chargen won't let you pick a starting class that's unavailable to the chosen homeworld.

I think I was going to say something else, but it's 5:25am now. I'm sleeping. I need a "so tired" icon for frontpage updates or something. Oh, yeah, one last thing, my goal after the new improved customizable chargen is done is to take all of your stats and print them directly onto an actual Dark Heresy charsheet image, which you could then print out directly. I think that would probably be a decent "printable version" though I'll also have raw text output as well.


~Lord Licorice

I'm sorry, I can't hear you over how awesome my moustache is.



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