[#] Random Thread Viewer
12:26am UTC - 5/22/2008

I stayed home from work today to make up for all the days I've dragged my stupid ass in through sickness the past couple weeks, so I went and added a Random Thread Viewer. It just picks a thread at random, and shows the entry in the archive and lets you vote on it. Nothing special, but it's a good way to kill time and vote on old threads.

Also for the nth time, the archive shows ONLY THE LAST SIXTY (60) DAYS BY DEFAULT. If your old favorite thread seems to be missing, it's not, you idiot, click Show All Threads and it's under there or use Search. Come on guise, it's not that hard to read directions.

~Lord Licorice

Burn, baby!


1 sofaeromoquer
07:40pm UTC - 6/23/2010 [X]
France captain Patrice Evra claims that coach Raymond Domenech dropped him from the squad for "no valid reason'' and denied him the chance to apologise to the French public by reading out the players' statement himself.

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