[#] MUD Reboot at 11:00pm EDT NEVERMIND
09:34am UTC - 5/10/2008

Attention! I will be rebooting the MUD at approximately 11:00pm EDT tonight (Saturday May 10). If you are an immortal and are working on an area, you must use the savearea command (or fully finalize your zone with installarea) or your work will be lost! (After the restart, type loadarea to reload your zone; installed areas are always reloaded automatically.) You should always habitually use savearea just to ensure your work is saved, since a crash could occur at any time without warning and it sucks losing saved work, but this is my official forewarning on an official scheduled restart. Don't forget!

Uh... nevermind. The MUD restarted itself at 6:00am for maintenance or something. I kept receiving these warning messages like "the skies turn dark, the magic around you becomes unstable, thunder and lightning crashes," etc. and didn't know what it meant. Then the MUD restarted itself at 6:00am sharp... and I lost all my work. Don't worry! Anyone that actually used savearea/foldarea is fine, just use loadarea when you come back in. I lost my shit because I'd accidentally been working in the wrong number range... so every time I saved my progress, I was saving the wrong data. So I lost everything, but it was only my shit and it was my own stupid fault, so no worries. (Plus the vast majority of it was writing programs, which I had in my history, so no loss there anyway. Just annoyance.)

~Lord Licorice

Oh well.



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