[#] oh hai, i updated ur archive
05:13am UTC - 5/09/2008

I made a little change to the archive to hopefully make it a little less... lagtacular. See, it's kinda pointless and takes forever to load if every single thread item appears at once; so, instead, the archive now just shows the last 60 days of threads. You can View All at any time, of course, but this should hopefully increase load speeds for peoples. Additionally, sorting by score now just shows the 'highest' (over zero) and 'lowest' (under zero), hiding totally neutral or unvoted threads.

We're learning more on how to use the MUD; we've started actually creating new stuff (oh shit Xom riding a 50-foot butter golem D:) and it's going well. I'm going to start plotting out Candyland and actually doing my best to write some interesting areas. We'll see how far we get, but it'll be fun nonetheless!

~Lord Licorice

Burn, baby!



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