10:57am UTC - 5/08/2008

y helo thar 5am how r u today

Oh, uh, yeah, I was going to make an update like an hour ago and forgot. Repeatedly. The MUCK probably will never go anywhere (despite being infinitely easier to program than the MUD), so I've installed the MUD on the server (it should be running all the time now) and left the MUCK alone. You can reach the MUD at on port 4000. I'm going to write a quick walkthrough for the beginning (since it's fairly nonintuitive) and try and fix some of the more glaring issues, then start actually worldbuilding a bit. Anyone with MUD experience or who just wants a god account/character just let me know and I'll make you one.

~Lord Licorice

I'm sorry, I can't hear you over how awesome my moustache is.



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