[#] DH CharGen Nearing Completion
08:23am UTC - 4/29/2008

It's been a short while since my last update. Nothing major to report; the archive voting seems to be going smoothly and nothing's on fire, so that's always good. I've been working on the DH chargen, the data is all entered so now I need to do the actual coding. Since I've already got the WHFRP to crib from, it should come along fairly quickly.

I'm pretty sure I was going to say something else, but now I can't recall it for the life of me. Anyway, yes, the DH CharGen should be done shortly. I'm not sure what my next project will be, or even what my current project should have been, but we'll see. I guess I'll take votes again on my next project, but I'm going to wait until the DH chargen is really and truly finished before I even start thinking about anything else.

Oh! I remembered! We're going to try another Dwarf Fortress succession game. Stop by the chat if you're interested. We're going to modify the raws for this one, to allow cat bones to be used for nearly any crafting item in the game. Cat bone mugs decorated with cat bone, cat bone beds, cat bone instruments, cat bone everything. The fortress will subsist as entirely from cat meat as possible. Cat Fortress will be glorious.

~Lord Licorice

I'm sorry, I can't hear you over how awesome my moustache is.



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