[#] Delicious Artwork, Site Reshuffling
10:20am UTC - 4/18/2008

I'm doing some basic cleanup on some of the oft-underutilized pages recently, such as the Epic Lulz page (now rebranded Images and Artwork), cleaning up the Reading page (now Reading and Links) under Resources, and tonight or tomorrow adding an About page and some legal disclaimers and all that happy crap.

Speaking of art, though, I've moved all of Dagda's epic art archives over into a new sup/tg/-specific folder and have started ripping image threads directly into the art directory itself. Unlike the rest of my images, the art threads and Dagda's archives are really easy to maintain in terms of organization, so it shouldn't get nearly as cluttered or disorganized as, say, the general /tg/ image folders.

The archive voting seems to be doing quite well. We've had our first 10+ epic thread (a Doc Aquatic thread, naturally) and some awful threads have dipped below -10 to be hidden from view (only a scratch on the surface but hey, it's something). The more people vote, the better the archives will become, so get to it!

~Lord Licorice

I'm sorry, I can't hear you over how awesome my moustache is.



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