[#] Archive Voting in Progress
05:15am UTC - 4/17/2008

I am currently in the process of adding voting capabilities to the archive. Until I'm finished, you will not be able to add new threads to the archive, though the rest of the archive (and site in general) should function just fine for the duration. If shit explodes, don't worry, I'll fix it eventually (though you might want to mention it in the chat just in case).

Update 2:05am: Success! The sup/tg/ thread archive now features voting, along with handy-dandy color-coding of awesome threads, a special Editor's Choice category for my own personal picks, and auto-hiding of shit threads at -10 votes and under. Please feel free to go through and vote to your heart's content, and if you find something broken please feel free to drop in the chat and yell at me.

~Lord Licorice

I'm sorry, I can't hear you over how awesome my moustache is.



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