09:10am UTC - 4/16/2008

Okay, in T-Minus a few minutes I'm going to be deleting most or all of the threads mentioned below. If someone wants me to preserve a thread, NOW IS THE TIME TO MAKE YOUR CASE FOR IT.

Updated at 4:55am: Reaping completed! There are still a few loose ends, like what to do with the Shas threads. The updated stats:

Before After
  • 459 threads
  • 1.68GB total size on disk
  • 23,610 files
  • 431 threads
  • 1.53GB total size on disk
  • 21,984 files

All in all, not that much, but it's a start. This was a first pass removing the worst offenders (and there's still some left to remove, at that); next will be for quality and content, though this may be handled largely by the thread voting I'm going to start as the next project. That should let me just outright kill stuff that's voted down below a certain level. Here's my start on the next batch:

You can see information about what was removed, updated and left alone here. I've also added a new art section which will get properly linked up and organized. It's mostly Dagda's image threads. I'll throw in some other stuff from another folder I've got elsewhere, and we should have a shitload of art resources for inspiration.

~Lord Licorice

I'm sorry, I can't hear you over how awesome my moustache is.



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