09:09am UTC - 4/14/2008


Seriously guys, being on sup/tg/ doesn't make you part of any super special clique. It's a resource for /tg/ to use as /tg/ sees fit. The people that use this site do not "get shit done" because they come here, they get shit done on their own and happen to utilize the resources I provide - the archives, the IRC, games listing, and other myriad features.

If you think otherwise, and more importantly, if you bawww on /tg/ about how being here somehow makes you more special than everyone else, you can kindly fuck off. sup/tg/ is not your personal army because no one on 4chan is your personal army; claiming to be part of sup/tg/, name-dropping the site and its frequent visitors - and most especially my name - is bullshit. (Let me tell you, there are few faster ways of getting on my bad side than dropping my name into a conversation that doesn't involve me, as if I'm going to lend some sort of weight or credence to your arguments by simple association. I am not some bound spirit for you to invoke, I do not work that way.)

The only person that speaks for sup/tg/ as a whole is myself, and only then when I'm specifically speaking about sup/tg/; since I try to remain neutral in all things, and the site by its very definition is neutral, anyone trying to claim sup/tg/ is on their "side" is simply full of shit. Furthermore, my personal opinions on a topic do not reflect the opinions of anyone else, and do not reflect the way this site functions.

The picture above is extremely related. Everyone is welcome here, guys. Let's make sure everyone feels that way, okay?

~Lord Licorice

Oh well.



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