08:28am UTC - 4/04/2008

Still adding threads for deletion. Here's my preliminary list so far:

They'll probably be gone in a half hour or so; I'm too tired now, SQUAD BROKEN. This is my note-to-self list of shit that needs removing. If you see something that you want to keep or have some to remove, let me know. The image threads will be moved to a new Epic Art section, and the Epic page itself rearranged a bit for prettyness.

Furthermore to helping the archive out, I've added some guidelines for the types of threads I'd like to see archived, and I'm going to be adding a voting system. It'll be pretty simple; just a + to vote up and a - to vote down, and it will auto-hide threads according to your preferences with a default "view". Shit archived threads will be bumped down and hidden, and periodically purged with greater accuracy. (As opposed to me asking myself, "is this a good thread? Why was it archived? Why do I think it should be removed? Do I just not get it?" I'll be able to see that five, ten, twenty people down-voted it.)

~Lord Licorice

I'm sorry, I can't hear you over how awesome my moustache is.



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