[#] Archive Bug Fixed, X-COM Succession Game?
11:48am UTC - 2/29/2008

Thanks to an extremely long image thread, I realized there was a bug in the update script that caused it to create image files that were only three digits in length (e.g. 123.gif, 456.jpg). Normally this has no impact on archived threads, as it's a one-in-a-thousand shot of overwriting an existing image accidentally (or neglecting to download a new image, linking wrong thumbnail images, etc.), but when you get the number of images in a thread close to a hundred, issues start to make themselves known. I fixed the error, so it shouldn't happen again.

You're likely aware of how a Dwarf Fortress succession game works, with each player running the fortress for a year and passing the save off to the next player. Well, unfortunately, Grover Cleveland seems to have fallen off the face of the earth with the last Dwarf Fortress succession save, and I don't really care to continue until the Army Arc is completed or he comes back, so we should get a new game going. PurpleXVI brought up the idea of an X-COM succession game, where each player runs for a game month, which sounds fun... of course, I haven't played X-COM before, but it sounds like awesome, so maybe we'll do that next.

On the communications front, I've added a pre-chat interface to allow you to pick the type of chat you'd like to use and your default IRC username before it loads up both the IRC java applet and the Flash Meebo applet. This should help people that don't want one or the other avoid wasting resources, and it should also help people avoid accidental crashes or unexpected behavior as their browser tries to load two things at once like that. Let me know if you run into any problems or have any suggestions.

Last but not least, I did figure out how precisely to get a Battlegrounds server going without resorting to a stupid dedicated server. I may even install Metamod or whatever they're using these days for some real admin fun. We'll see, though, and as always it depends on demand. I'd like to get some Natural Selection going, but not everyone has a copy of Half-Life 1 or CS 1.6 to use to get access to it, which is rather unfortunate. It seems asinine that you don't just automatically gain access to HL1 mods with HL2, but that's Valve for you.

~Lord Licorice

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