[#] Idiots
12:17pm UTC - 2/29/2008

Happy Leap Day! I didn't realize it was some kind of special occasion, other than a result of our less-than-perfect system for keeping track of time, but Google had a special image for it so I figured it warranted a mention.

Man, people are stupid. There are, all told, probably thirty people that still play Battlegrounds for Half-Life 2. At any given time, there are two dozen servers, and of these servers only two are ever populated. So, of course, the admins on the two servers (owned and hosted by the same people, of course) are power-tripping, pencil-dicked motherfuckers that think they're awesome because they can ban people arbitrarily from a game they've played for "six years" that no one else gives a shit about, as they operate the only servers anyone ever uses anymore.

Don't worry, "B.O.D. GEN. SM{}KE" (yes, he really did spell "smoke" with fucking curly brackets), I won't soon forget your name. Whenever I need an example of unmitigated idiocy and how humans will cling to any scrap of power and authority they can possibly glean to make their pathetic lives seem infinitesimally less pathetic, I'll remember to bring you up. I'm sure if I ever need to interview you, you'll be right there where I fucking left you, squatting on the only hospitable islands in a sea of lonely desolation.

Oh, well, enough of my soapboxing. Anyway, this led me to recall just how little effort it takes to host a gaming server. Now, of course, hosting a gaming server takes a lot more bandwidth and processing power than the webserver and all the other services I run here at sup/tg/, so I can't run one 24/7, but if there are any particular requests or someone wants to schedule a /tg/ game of some kind, I think that'd be pretty fun. Battlegrounds and Natural Selection spring to mind as the top two contenders in that arena; anyone else has particular suggestions, let me know.

~Lord Licorice

Oh well.



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