[#] IRC Server
01:11am UTC - 2/26/2008

As nifty as the Meebo chatroom is, the inability to properly moderate and control it and the constant random disconnects are starting to move from simple annoyance to full-blown problem. I've installed an IRC server, but I've got really no idea how to operate the fucking thing. If anyone's had any experience installing and setting up an IRC server, please stop by or send me an email or something.

Nothing much else to report. I still haven't even started work on the DH chargen, which I really should do. The archival system hiccups every so often whenever Moot changes something in the Matrix, but other than that it seems to be doing well and it's getting to the point where a tag or description search tool will actually be useful. In other news, still haven't finished the VTT tutorials, but I did add a page for Roguelikes.

So, once again, if anyone has any clue about installing and configuring an IRC server and can lend a hand (what the fuck is a NickServ), please do so.

Oh, I suppose you're probably curious as to where the IRC channel is. Well, it's the same fucking server as everything else but nobody seems to have caught on, yet, so, is the server, on the standard port 6667. It's up and running, even if it doesn't have fancy login registration bullshit. Just try not to be morons and everything should be okay as-is.

~Lord Licorice

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