[#] WHFRP CharGen is Complete!
11:36am UTC - 2/10/2008

Well, that took me far longer than I had estimated for some reason, but it's finished and works beautifully. You can now add your character to the database and link other players or DMs. I figure keeping characters for 14 days is sufficient, so I'll probably have it automatically delete stuff after a while.

Behold the glory of my Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay character generator here! Or perhaps behold other people's characters while you're at it!

In other, related news, Nasdaq of the Dark Heresy Wikia dropped by. I may start working on a DH generator next, and find some way to implement multiple random generators for each of the races and things made up by players for the Wikia. If I can find a way to load simple text files for new values, so people at the Wikia can more easily update or create files for a chargen, that would be pretty awesome. We'll see how it turns out.

Finally, I'm going to start looking (again) at getting IRC and using a Flash-based IRC client instead of Meebo. As much as I like the Meebo player, lack of control and weird errors are making me reconsider the awesomeness of that one component. If anyone has specific recommendations on server software or a Flash-based IRC client, please let me know at

Addendum: ... uhh... heh. Whoops. The FTP auto-ban was set to '999 hours' for failed login attempts. That would explain why people had so much trouble recently... I've set it to just one hour and cleared the ban list. Sorry about that.

Addendum 2: Something's fucked up with the archive script, I'll fix it tomorrow. At least I've added a backup thing so it will create a couple backups of the original HTML.

Addendum 3: 6:14am EST. Fixed the archival script. It would have bugged the shit out of me to not know why it was broken; turns out 4chan changed the image path again, from src.cgi to cb-ws. Everything should work now, will manually fix other threads tomorrow.

~Lord Licorice

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