[#] Success! WHFRP Character Generator!
12:18pm UTC - 2/09/2008

The Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay character generator is complete! Behold its glory! Now I'm going the hell to bed. Jesus Christ.

I'm going to make it so you can save and link characters tomorrow, clean up the interface a bit, and add the ability to generate genders, names and jobs for your immediate family as well. After that, if I'm really feeling masochistic, I'll get a copy of Dark Heresy and do the same for that system, too... though I may ask for some help with the simple data entry, which accounted for 80% of this project, what with all the varying charts. (Seriously, why the fuck couldn't they just make a basic "+2d20lbs." for weight like they did for height?)

~Lord Licorice

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