[#] Argh
12:04pm UTC - 1/04/2008

Why the fuck can't I get in bed by a reasonable hour? Technically I should be in bed every morning by 3am at the latest, and yet here I am at 5:00am once again, doing shit that can be done during the daylight hours but I just decide to do now, when I should really be sleeping.

Anyway, I got bored so I'm downloading the pair of 500-song torrents from OCReMix, and I'm going to make it accessible under the music folder. (By the way, I've added a couple disclaimers regarding copyrighted content. Please don't upload infringing content and then report it, it's rather rude and I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE.) That should keep us busy in the lulz for a few days in the Meebo chat thingie. If shit be slow, it's probably my fault on account of this torrent.

Also, I suppose I could make a New Year's Resolution about getting shit done on the site. Here's my To Do list:

That's about it. This list is mostly a kind of to-do for myself, but if anyone has content or ideas, please send them to me or say something in the chat.

~Lord Licorice




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