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01:21am UTC - 12/07/2007

I've made a slight change to the sidebar; it should now show the current date and time based on your selected timezone, which should hopefully clue people in if their date/time is off, and help people determine timezones when viewing people's games or player listings. Also, despite the facelift on 4chan the archival program seems to still be functioning correctly for now (the last breakage was likely related to said changes).

Nothing much else to report. No real progress on the Succession game yet, since our first player started us in an incredibly difficult place. THANKS YOU JERK. Check for any updates and the current game's player list. If you've got any DF-related materials or fortresses to share, let me know and I'll upload them to this new page.

People have added some new tunes to the Music Player, go check it out if you haven't yet. For those of you that would like to add a new playlist, please be certain that all of your music files are .mp3 (changing the extension does not convert the files derp) or the player will just choke on the song. Furthermore, please remove all spaces from a filename, I don't know if the music player can handle spaces in a filename and I'd rather not bother finding out. Please also example playlist format so I can just copy and paste a few things without having to tediously edit shit.

That's all for now. Dwarf Fortress is eating my life.

~Lord Licorice




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