[#] Strike the Earth!
11:17am UTC - 12/04/2007

So, we're going to be running a Dwarf Fortress succession game. A DF succession game is where each player takes a turn running the fortress for a year, then passes the save to the next player. Play rotates until the fortress is finally wiped out. I plan on including plenty of screenshots and dwarven journal entries during my turns, though this is purely optional.

The exploits for the (likely multiple) succession games will end up here at (what's with me and the double e in URLs?). We had a list of players but I eated it. Right now the site's just a derp page, but I plan on adding content and making it prettier later.

If you want in, pop in the chat and announce your intentions to join. If you've never played before, make sure you check out the Dwarf Fortress Wiki for more information on how to play, including some decent tutorials. It's tough getting started, but it's a ton of fun, Roguelikes meet Dungeon Keeper, with derpy dwarves and extremely rich gameplay and storytelling.

~Lord Licorice




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