[#] Ventrilo Server, Game Listings Modified
11:24am UTC - 11/27/2007

Quick updates. First, I've had a Ventrilo server installed since forever, and people asked about it last night, so I've upgraded to the very latest version (3.0.2) and it should be running just fine. The password is lolvent.

In addition to this, I've also made a couple changes to the Game Listings page. First, a couple weeks ago I added a feature that lets you toggle 'weekly' games, which causes the games to re-list themselves after they're over for the same time and day next week. I have also added additional fields for email, IMs and other contact (like IRC) to prompt DMs to leave contact information.

As for Meebo and a Flash-based IRC client, I don't think we're going to be getting one of these anytime soon. First, none of them offer the neat Flash player that Meebo uses (even if the Meebo one doesn't work half the time). Also, I've talked to Meebo support a bit, and they've noted the feature request for 'unlisted' rooms and I'm asking them about permabanning visitors that bother us. Of course, it's gotten to the point lately where bothering Meebo users has become a sport, so maybe this won't be a pressing need in the future.

Still to come is the ability to upload character sheets. I may be considering DMing a game myself in the upcoming weeks, which will take some of my time, but other than that the site's pretty stable at the moment. There's a game of some kind running just about every night now, so pop into the chat and ask around to see if something's running if you're new to the site.

Edity: And I just realized the archival script has started acting up again. It looks like a CSS issue due to some weirdness when updating shit. I don't honestly know what's wrong, but I'll fix it tomorrow. Threads look ugly until then, but the images and content is being saved correctly.

~Lord Licorice




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